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The Chemnitzer Schulmodell (CSM)
Emphasis on Languages/ Technology

The CSM was founded in 1990. It is a state- run trial school for forms 1- 10. The school is open all day. The CSM offers an alternative to other state- run schools for Chemnitz and surroundings. At present 240 pupils attend the school. Being a state- run school with special teaching methods the same staff, financial and material conditions apply as for other state schools.
The lessons start at 8.00 with various workshops, projects, subjects and extra curricular activities. Each lesson lasts an hour and a half. In Germany lessons normally last 45 minutes. In our school there is no bell which marks the beginning or end of the lessons. The pupils determine themselves how fast they learn. We place great emphasis on such aspect. At any time of the school day the children have the opportunity to use the school premises for their own activities and games.
Primary pupils are taught to play the recorder in music. From form 1 the children learn English in a creative way through games and music. French starts in form 3 as an extra curricular activity. In forms 5, 6, 7 the subjects Geography, Biology and Physics are combined as ‘Nature’ for a whole day once a week. From form 8 the timetable differs in Geography, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. These subjects are taught in block form at least two weeks in a row.
Pupils don’t receive marks until form 8. There are no marks in Music, Art and PE. Twice a year the teachers write a development report on every pupil. They also send a personal letter to each of them.
In form 8 there are two weeks and in form 9 three weeks of work experience.
The school is entitled to award the relevant certificates at the end of form 10.
Each class has its own classroom. The pupils are responsible for their own cafeteria and a small library. A handicrafts room is an important meeting place for young pupils. Sometimes an education worker supervises the children. The PTA (Parents’ and Teachers’ Association) organizes various sporting, artistic and cultural activities in the afternoon. Parents and teachers work closely together to support the teaching activities in our school. There are monthly parents’ evenings for the classes. Every Friday there is an assembly for all members of the school in the music room.