The Story of Linus-Times

The Story from the Linus-Times

In August 2010 came out the first Linus-Times, which was really only useful for printing. After consultation with our administrator Thomas, was my Linus Times are posted on the Internet. The October issue was then already colorful, they also appeared as html but not more than a pdf. The Linus-Times of November was the first of which was similar to today's Linus-Times. The May issue will also contain interactive questions and therefore no longer had to wait for the resolution. And the June Linus-Times: The only just got extensive. In October came leaning out of a lecture from me about the Victoria Sea a Times about this topic online. As I read it shortly after the film "The Hobbit" comes in the cinemas, I have to read a new topic about Mr. Tolkien. And now comes a Linus-Times out in March about the Mayan calendar. It breaks the record for the longest Linus-Times with 5 A4 pages. It is also available in English.


The makers of Linus Times:

Producer: Linus Valentin

Assistant to the html conversion: Olaf


Reviser of the english Linus-Times: Andreas