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The book "Skywatching" from David Levy is a really nice astronomy book. In many other books the author speaks like a scientist and an uniformed reader can't understand what he is talking about. But in this book there wasn't a problem like this. You get clear information about much subjects of the astronomy. That's the point why I think that "Skywatching" is also a very good book for newcomers in the astronomy like me. In spite of the clear facts the book wasn't boring for me. There are too many different subjects as that the book can become boring. There is something gripping inside for everyone.
If in one night the sky is overcast then you only have to open the book and you can see wonderful pictures of the sky. Inside the book are also many tables of star-charts and costellations and you get tips how you can valued our universe. If you fly over the book you will have the feeling that you travel through all ages. In seven chapters you find out how everything begun, why now everything is like now and how it will be in the future.
Some astronomical terms I've heard befor, but I didn't know exactly what they mean. After reading "Skywatching" I had the feeling that I know a few more terms. Unfortunately sometimes those terms became fateful to me. The book is written in English and so I had some problems with special astronomy words. I didn't have any great problems with the general texts. I could understand the main content and I've learned English for ten years in school. It becomes difficult by information about the exact position of a starconstellation. And no normal dictionnary knows what "the chained princess" is in german. Now I know that it is "Andromedar". In an astronomy book such terms aren't rare, but I think that I comprehended the subject matter.

Above all I'd really like the explanations about the meanings and names of the different star constellations. Just because they were better than any horoscope I've ever read I will give an example from the book -->

>>Example for the twins<<

I think that this book is a good opportunity to get to know some basics and more about astronomy and by the way you can improve your English without any boredom. And maybe you are the next one who discoveres more secrets of the universe?!



Skywatching, David Levy
(*Chapter 5, page 172, line 1 to 12)




Abb.3: "Skywatching", David Levy, Seite 172



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