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On Monday morning the Wood Working Project started at 8 o'clock. We all met in our classroom with our art teacher. There we split in two groups. I was in a group with my best friends Sienna, Annabell and Finja. Our room was the Home Economics and Technology Room. First we tried chiselling. Just one boy did that before the wood project started. My trunk was very messy so our wood artist Matthias had to grind it. After that it looked a lot better and I drew the layout on it. In the end I started carving my motif. Next day was Tuesday. I did nothing but chisel. My hands and fingers hurt so bad sometimes! In the evening, when I tried to sleep, I still heard the rhythm of the chiselling. That was so weird! On Wednesday I chiselled the whole day and tried to make it better and prettier. In the afternoon Matthias rounded the sharp edges of my trunk's backrest. The other guys of my group started painting but I wasn't ready. So I kept working on the details. On Friday I was ready and started painting with a brush and acrylic. I think that was the best thing! After lunch I was ready with painting. The last thing I had to do was to put varnish on my motif and my trunk. By the way, my motif was a tendril with one blossom. I think the project was very nice and I'm happy that I did it. I'm a little bit proud of myself because in the beginning I didn't think I could make it. But in the end, mine and all the other trunks were really pretty! Jule, 6b


On Monday we started with the wood project. My teacher's name was Silvio. He explained everything to us. Then we got a trunk of wood. After that we had to paint our motif on the wood. When we were done we could start chiselling. We did that all day.


Tuesday was boring because we chiselled all day. So I was happy when the day was over.


Om Wednesday it was interesting when we started to work on our motif. That was very hard. On Wednesday everyone was in a good mood. :) So the day went by quickly.


On Thursday the chiselling ended. So I could start painting. First, you had to choose a colour. Then Kerstin came and gave us her okay to paint. That was nice.


On Friday we finished the wood block. And Silvio gave us jelly babies. They were delicious. The week was great! Malea, 6b


The Wood Project was a great time. On Monday morning I felt well. My mum drove me to school. At school, all my classmates were excited. How was it going to be? At first, we were splitted into two groups. I was in the group of Silvio. Our work place was the economics and technical & social affairs room. In the room Silvio told us how to use hammer and chisel. Everyone of us got a trunk and chisel with hammer. Now we started the wood working. We painted our motifs on the trunk. After that I chiselled the wood. In the afternoon my fingers hurt. On Tuesday morning I started again to carve out the wood. My motif is a carnivorous plant with tendrils. On Wednesday I carved out some patterns at the edges of my motif. In the afternoon I finished the chiselling. On Thursday, Silvio helped us to round the sharp edges of the backrest with the chain saw. After that we grinded the edges with sandpaper. The trunks were very big and heavy. On Friday, Silvio worked with the gas burner on the trunks to finish the surfaces. Then we painted our motifs with colour. In the afternoon we brought our trunks to the green classroom. My favourite thing was the chiselling. We all thank Silvio and Matthias for the wood project. Felix, 6b