Conditional1 - a song

I Will Be There by G Lock

If you need a friend, I’ll be there.
If you need somewhere to hide away,
I’ll be the one to show you where.
I’ll do what’s right, if you stay here tonight.

If I see you in the street, I’ll say hello.
If I see your name up in lights,
I’ll come to see your show.
If you hear a cheer above the rest,
It will be me in the front row.
I will be there, if you let me know.

If you leave a message, I’ll call you later today.
If you say it’s urgent, I’ll call you straight away.
I will help you, if you say you want me to.

If I’m in your neighborhood, I’ll call by.
If I can’t understand, I’ll ask why.
If you want to try again, I will try.
VERSE3 - repeat verse 1

name up in lights (usually - your name in lights) to be famous and have your work recognized as especially important He was never interested in seeing his name in lights – he was always too busy having fun. It could be literal in this song to mean if I see your name
in the lights above the theatre I will come to see your show.

Phrasal Verbs
hide away - to hide away means to hide somewhere where it is very hard for people to find you. e.g. - hide away After writing a very popular book, Paul hid away in a small town in Mexico to escape all the media attention.
call by - pay a brief visit (commonly said as “drop by” or “drop in”)

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