The Scotland web hunt

1 Scotland's history

a) Scottish Clan Names often start with Mac or Mc. What does the name „Mackenzie“ mean?
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b) The Scots fought many battles with the English. Which side won...
1 the famous Battle of Bannockburn?
2 the Battle of Culloden in 1746?
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2 Scottish Customs and traditions

a) What is "haggis"?
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b) What do Scottish people mean by: "Strip the Willow"
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3 Scottish inventions and inventors

a) What useful gadget did Alexander Shanks invent?
b) When did Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt die?
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4 The truth about Loch Ness

a) Many people say they saw the monster. When exactly was the last sighting of Nessie?
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b) The geology of Loch Ness is very interesting. How many rivers flow into Loch Ness
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c) How many web-cameras are on this site?
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5 The cities of Scotland

a) Scotland's capital has lots of famous sights. What is the „Royal Mile“ in Edinburgh?
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b) Glasgow is Edinburgh's rival. What is Glasgow's slogan?
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c) How much is the admission to museums in Glasgow

6 The Highlands

a) In the Highland Games athletes have to throw a stone. How much does the the traditional stone weigh?

b) What is a "caber"
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c) What's the weather like on Scotland's highest mountain? ... → Watch on: