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8a classroom newsletter: classtrip

We went on a canoe tour with canoes and kayaks from one camp site to another. On Monday and Tuesday we did a long trip. On Wednesday we chilled and ate a lot of crisps and sweets. Someone drank very much coke. On Thursday we did a short paddling trip through a very nice canal. Later we went in a lock. It was a little bit boring. After the lock we arrived our last camp site. On Friday we went back home. It was a long trip with the train and the bus.
Weather: The weather was varied. Sometimes it was sunny, but we also had rain. Often in the night, so some tents were wet. On the lake it was windy and cloudy. One day the weather was so nice, that some people went swimming.
Favourite Game: The favourite game of the week was „Arschloch“. We played it a lot. Somebody also played Skat.

We had a nice week. ;D



8a's classroom newsletter

3th Feb. to 9th Feb. This week a lot of things happened. Like we had to sing a song in music. For example Tom sang „Wake me up“ (Avicii) or we sang „Aufstehen“ (Seeed). In English we watched a very nice film. Do you know about the film „Forrest Gump“. You must watch this fantastic film. We talked about it and we think about the important history of this film. After the film we began the America Project. We have to write an article about an important part of American history. We have to make a creativ scene about our topic. We chose the topic American Football. Do you know something about this sport. For example the field is 100 yards long and 11 players fight for points



The weather is not nice. It isn't winter. No snow and it isn't cold. Sometimes it rains and it's stormy.


By Hannes and Paul

Our Indian partner class

We the class 7a have a partner class in India. A litte time ago, there came a man named Mathias. He told us a lot of interesting things about the class and their life. The partner class wrote us letters, every child of our class has a partner, another child from the class in India. In our class we made groups of 3 and 4 people and made videos and photos from our city, our homes and our school. We send that to India. An answere were videos from there. Some children showed us their home, other their school. It was very interesting. They live very differently from us.
At the summerparty we had a table with a lot of pictures and posters from there. We wanted to collect enough money to pay a lunch for the Indian school. One lunch costs about 150 €. Whats more, we made sweets and the people who donated could eat a sweet. Or they bough  it for 50 cent.
We collected about 270 €.

Svenja. :)

Here is a video about their school:

Our classtrip to Nossentin

From 12.05. till 17.05.13 we (class 7a) did a classtrip to Nossentin. At half past nine all students came to the railway station in Chemnitz. We said „good bye“ to our parents and went into the railway. 7 and a half hours later we were in Nossentin and went to our youth hostel. It was a very old and not so nice white house. After that we looked for our rooms. I was in a room with Marie, Leonie, Anne and Hannah. It was very funny. Then we ate dinner and some students went with Andreas to the Flesenlake. On the next day after the breakfast we went to the lake again. Some students went swimming but not many. It was very cold and there was wind across the lake. In the afternoon we walked to the next town Malchow. We walked for 2 hours. It was very strenuous. In Malchow we went to the supermarket and bought food. After that we borrowed some bikes and cycled back to our youth hostel. On Tuesday we did a biketour. It was very nice. On Wednesday we went by train to Malchow again. This time we didn`t rent bikes, but boats. We did a little boattrip. It was fun!! On Thursday it was very warm and the sun was shining. We did a big boattrip. It was strenuous but very funny too. On this day some students also went swimming, but I didn`t. On Friday was the last day and we went back home. I think it was a very nice and great trip.

Rebecca :)
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Our class trip 2013

Our class trip

From the 12th Mai to the 17th Mai we went to the class trip. With the train, we went in 7 hours to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In the evening we arrived at our accomadation. It was an old, white house. And the plaster was old. Inside, the furniture was also old. In the garden, there were two tabletennis tables, a barbecueplace and a fireplace. Near the house there was the "Fleesensee". On the other days we went on an outing, for example a biketour on Tuesday, a boat tour with a canoe on Wednesday and Thursday...
We were also swimming, walking, played "Mörder"...
I think it was a very nice and cool class trip.. :)

Bye Melina


On our class trip

Our classtrip

On our classtrip we, the class 7a went to Mecklenburg. We started on a Sunday from the Chemnitzer main station. We had to change 5 times train that was exhausting and also funny. Our youth hostel in Nossentin was not so great . On Monday we went swimming in the very very cold water of the lake Fleesensee, that was cool. In the afternoon we walked in the next little city. There we lent our bikes, for the bicycle tour on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday we made nice, cool and hot canoe tour in four and three boats. On our Thursday tour we stopped at a very beautiful place. The place was as a little sandy beach.
On Friday we went home to Chemnitz. It was a very very nice classtrip.




Our show

I think our performance was very good. Not like our dress-rehearsal. There a lot of things went wrong. Because of that I had much stage fright and when our teacher said that the show was sold didn't help really much. 419 people!! I looked into the audience the auditorium looked three times as big as without people. I was totally nervous. But as the first scene started and the first one got on the stage with his papership all the excitement went away from me and I played my role perfectly. In the end I liked our play and I hope you did too.

Our new school

Our new school is very nice. The school is on the street :„ Stollberger-Straße 25“. The most pupils go bye bus and tram to our school. Our tram stop is called „Parkstraße“.The school has been renovated, and now it looks very nice.But the part of the primary school has been new constructed. Its very nice in our school. But the classrooms are sadly very small. But I think its enough. The cafeteria is very great because all is new, Its a little more expensive than the old school. I think the new cafeteria is better than the old.

by Leon


On Friday the 15th of march, we, the 7a went to the bookfair in Leipzig. At 09.30 we went by train to Leipzig. It was a tilting train and some people feel a little sick. There were a lot of people in that train. We had to stand over 1 hour. In Leipzig by the fair, there were a very lot of people, too. In the fair area there were 5 halls. It was gigantic. There were a lot of publishers for examble Carlsen, Kosmos, Oetinger and so on. For over German lesson we had tasks to do. When we were finished, we walked around the fair. At the ZDF - stall we got a lot of free things for examble Base caps, "Mainzlmännchen" and so on. On the fair were a lot of people in crazy costumes. There was batman, the Hobbit, Darth Vader and a lot of other interesting and crazy characters...
by Svenja & Melina, 7a

Die Irrfahrt des Odysseus-Terra X Team (Theater)

Die Irrfahrt des Odysseus - Terra X Team (Theaterprojekt 7a)

Griechenland - Kikonen,Ithaka:
Ist ein schönes warmes Urlaubsziel das am Mittelmeer liegt. Eine Besonderheit ist z.B. Akropolis. Ein Berg auf dem eine große Tempelruine steht, mitten in Athen, Griechenlands Hauptstadt. Außerdem fanden die ersten olympischen Spiele 776v.Chr. in Griechenland statt.

Tunesien - Lotophagen, Zyklopen:
Dort herrscht ein mildes Klima. Es liegt in Nordafrika am wunderschönen Mittelmeer. Die Hauptstadt ist Tunis und mit seinen 163.000km² ist es ca. 2,5 mal so groß wie Bayern. Es hat 9,5mio. Einwohner die alle Arabisch sprechen. Es ist also ein sehr schönes Urlaubsziel.

Malta - Aiolos:
Ist eine wunderschöne Insel mitten im Mittelmeer. Es hat schöne Strände und klares Wasser. Mit 316km² ist diese Insel ziemlich klein, nur ungefähr halb so groß wie Rügen. Die ca. 370.000 Einwohner sprechen zum Großteil Englisch was also auch ein Vorteil für Touristen ist.

Sizilien - Lästrygonen,Kirke,Unterwelt,Sirenen,Skylla & Charybdis, Rinder d. Helios:
Ist eine wunderschöne Insel, die heute zu Italien gehört, doch zu Zeiten des Odysseus gehörten viele Städte Siziliens zu Griechenland. Auf Sizilien gibt es den immer noch aktiven Vulkan Etna und die heutige Straße von Mesina ist dort wo früher Skylla & Charybdis war, doch nach einem starken Erdbeben gab es diesen Strudel nicht mehr. Heute fährt man dort mit der Fähre lang zur Insel Mesina.

Italien - Kalypso,Phaiaken:
Ist ein schönes Land das die Form eines Stiefels hat. Die Hauptstadt ist Rom in der es viele antike Sehenswürdigkeiten gibt, z.B. das Amphitheater. Wer nicht so gerne antike Sehenswürdigkeiten mag, kann auch baden gehen, im Mittelmeer von dem Italien fast komplett umgeben ist.

Von den Mädchen der Klasse 7a :)

About us

Geschützter Inhalt

Hi everybody, this page is for our partner class in India. You'll need a password.

The week from 10th - 14th December

This is a report about the week from the 10th to 14th December.

On Monday, the 10th of December many childrens from the class had to prepare a presentation in WTH. In Maths we learn new topics : rational numbers, negative and positive numbers... . On Tuesday we were at the other school. There we mostly had Theatre project, but Milow was ill. Actually we had also lessons in the 3rd and 4th hour, but lessons were cancelled. On Wednesday in English we wrote a test about London, present perfect and simple past sentences,... . We hadn't sport , because it snowed too much, there we had on the last lesson learning-time. On Thursday in physics we spoke about electricity. And did experiments with Volts (V) and milliamp (mA). It was interesting, but also a little bit difficult. And on Friday we finished in German our reports from last Friday, where we was in social facilities. In History we spoke about the thirty-years war and he peasent's war...

by Melina,7a

Our ballonproject

Some weeks ago, we had a balloonproject with the class 5a. We went to the musicroom and Sonja told us our groups. Some pupils were happy, some were not so happy. I had a group with Jeremias, Enya und Nicolas. In the first weeks we did some worksheets. Then we made a balloonmodell. On one Thursday we built a big balloon with a lot of colourful paper. It was a long and hard work. When the balloon was ready I had to stand in it because the other in my group repair the holes. In the next week we went to the Küchwald . The balloons got warm air in they and then they flew. Some flew in a tree, some landed on the maedow. In the end our balloon got the 2nd place. I find the balloonproject was very funny and very good. I would like to do a balloonproject again.
By Rebecca :)



I was with my class in the Saxon Switzerland. We started on the Chemnitzer main station with our bikes. We wanted to go by bikes 30 Km on the Elbe cyclepath. This was very funny and difficult. Then we was arrived at last at the youthhostel. The name of the youthhostel was Ochelbaude. There was another class. They came from Berlin. On Tuesday we went walking. Our destination was the Bastei-cliff. This was very very strenous. We climbed 1542 steps. In the evening we made a camp fire. This was cool;-). On Wednesday was the best day of the week. We made a cool boattrip on the Elbe and made a barbecue and played the game Ninja. This is a cool game. Then we went by train back to the Ochelbaude. On the next day. We went walking. The boys sang all the time. On Friday, we cycled 30 km again and ate ice in the break then we went by train to Chemnitz. I found the classtrip was very very cool :)

                                                                                                                    by Hannah

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IMG 9191

Saxon Heroes, Saxon Wars

What a beautiful view from the Völkerschlachtsdenkmal. We can see all of Leipzig. Before we had the beautiful view, we had to climb 360 steps. In the Völkerschlachtsdenkmal are four big statues. They are about 10-15 meters big. It was fantastic.
Before that, we were in a the Egyptian museum. There were 7000 exhibition pieces but we didn’t see all of them. Because a women told us every time about the Egyptian history. The best thing of the day was the view from the Völkerschlachtsdenkmal. Another interesting thing was our tour to the Karl Stülpnerhöle. It was great. We walked 7 kilometres in a forest. After that we went back. I was with 6 people in a group. We got a Geo cache utensil. It showed us the way. In my opinion the tour was a little bit boring because we were walking all time along the way. But in the end we found the cache. We were happy. The week ended with a presentation.

by Leon